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« I was like a lycanthrope until the moon glazed over lipped with blood and last goodbyes »

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Inglese, Finlandese, Greco

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  1. Musica
  2. Lupi
  3. Anime/Manga

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  1. Troppe
  2. Da
  3. Citare

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Scandinavia, Inghilterra


Sympony X - The Sacrifice

«When the stars lose their fire and night steals the morning away, forever and a day I will stay.. I will stay here with you my Love.»

Whitesnake - Now You're Gone
«In the night I pray for your embrace.. Every time I close my eyes I can't escape your face.. You're out of sight, but always on my mind.. I never realised my love could be so blind.»

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

«Running over the same old ground what have we found? The same old fears.. Wish you were here.»

Led Zeppelin - Stairaway To Heaven

«The tune will come to you at last..When all are one and one is all..To be a rock and not to roll.»

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