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I am Steven Paul, a blogger specializing in health issues at Garner Supply. I provide resources on medical devices to help readers live their best lives at

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Healthy Snacking for Kids


Be it snacking or the main course meals – when it concerns the kids at your home, you need to be on your toes to plan it out regularly! The term ‘snacking’ 

does not necessarily mean junk food. It could be healthy enough – sometimes more nutritious than the food the baby’s taking for lunch and dinner! 

Snacking happens in between meals. They are necessary to woo away the evening-time food craving and to replenish your kid with the forgone energy after he or she is back from the playfields! Since they are “in-between” foods, snacking, especially if it’s for kids, necessarily need to go by the following rules:



The potion of the snack item should be kept in mind

Size is an important thing since they are being consumed in between major meals. The serving sizes should specifically be controlled in the case of kids so that they are not too full to skip their main course meal (the one that follows a few hours after snack time). 


You could mix it up


Planning out evening snacks at times becomes a difficult task to be carried out. One of the best ways to deal with the mess is to mix things up. Blending some low-fat yogurt with pure fruit juice and frozen peaches to turn it into a tasty smoothie or, mixed dried fruits and slightly salted nuts are some of the great ideas! 

Fix a schedule

Growing kids need to eat every 3 to 4 hours. This indeed needs careful planning. There should be a minimum of 2 to 3 hours gap before the next major meal.  A proper hunger makes the child willingly intake nutritious food. 


Here is more helpful information on healthy snacking for kids.

Just like we adults, our children may also want to snack simply when they are bored, stressed, or maybe simply thirsty! Stock up your kitchen racks and the refrigerator shelves with the healthier options such that whatever they choose fuels them with ingredients like protein, fiber, and other nutrients!


Looking for healthy snacking options?
Garner Supply is a US-based company providing healthy food supplies and healthcare products for home delivery. We also provide our valued customers with additional information on gadgets and medical devices and how to use them efficiently.

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